VivaQuant is a digital health care company providing remote cardiac monitoring services to clinics and hospitals under the Rhythm Express brand. The company's highly differentiated mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) wearable, the RX-1 mini, enables near real-time observation of a patient's heart rhythm and can be comfortably worn for up to 30 days. The mini was designed from the ground up to provide the trifecta of wearables - a device that is easy to wear, easy to use, and provides accurate diagnostic data. The mini contains proprietary noise cancelling algorithms that result in high-clarity ECGs, and our proprietary wavelet analytics provide near-perfect identification of cardiac arrhythmias and facilitate fast diagnosis. We provide 24/7/365 oversight of incoming patient data from the mini, where millions of heart beats are translated into actionable information that physicians can use as an aid in diagnosis and establishing life-saving care plans for patients.

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ECG Services

VivaQuant provides continuous beat-to-beat analysis services for ambulatory ECGs from preclinical and clinical research studies. Services include restitution analysis, predictive modeling, and complex statistics.

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ECG Analysis Software

VivaQuant AE-1010 software for arrhythmia and beat-to-beat interval analysis of preclinical ECGs is fast, accurate, easy to learn, and easy to validate - saving you time and money. Process a 24-hour recording in 10-20 seconds.

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Technology Licensing

VivaQuant licenses MDSP technology for select fields of use and is available for both Windows PC platforms and ultra-low-power ARM Cortex embedded platforms for heart rate measurement and arrhythmia detection.

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