VivaQuant releases new product: AE-1010 Rhythm Express

LIVE WEBINAR: Improving Preclinical and Clinical Regulatory Submissions Through Enhanced ECG Interval and Arrhythmia Assessment

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New Product Released: AE-1010 Rhythm Express

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VivaQuant Celebrates Eight Years of Success

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VivaQuant Awarded SBIR Grant

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VivaQuant provides software tools for quantitative analysis of ECGs in clinical and preclinical biomedical and drug safety research. Our ECG analysis services group provides turn-key services for evaluation of arrhythmia liability and quantification of arrhythmias and intervals. Products and services are based upon our proprietary MDSPTM technology that eliminates 95% of noise while preserving fidelity*, enabling highly sensitive and accurate measurements from continuous ambulatory ECGs where signal corruption and artifact are often issues.

ECG Services

VivaQuant provides continuous beat-to-beat analysis services for ambulatory ECGs from preclinical and clinical research studies. Services include restitution analysis, predictive modeling, and complex statistics.

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ECG Analysis Software

VivaQuant AE-1000 software for arrhythmia and beat-to-beat interval analysis of preclinical ECGs is fast, accurate, easy to learn, and easy to validate - saving you time and money. Process a 24-hour recording in 10-20 seconds.

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Technology Licensing

VivaQuant licenses MDSP technology for select fields of use and is available for both Windows PC platforms and ultra-low-power ARM Cortex embedded platforms for heart rate measurement and arrhythmia detection.

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